Monday, July 25, 2011

3.1.6 - A Rap Song on our Cab Journey

Route UWA 3.1.6
to reach office for 11.30 shift.
with three funny blokes & a girl in a fix,
Sharing a giggle & playing cheeky tricks.

We’ve got a driver, his name is HAWA
He doesn’t reach late, Neva neva nevaaaa

First pick is Raina,
he’s called Sid
with him, oh Boy!
you neva wanna kid
He’s the Indian Batman sleeping really really late.
waking up at 9, with a “gud gud in his pate”
He boards the cab at quarter to ten,
that’s when the real cab journey begins.

Route UWA 3.1.6
to reach office for 11.30 shift
with three funny blokes & a girl in a fix.
Yo route UWA 3.1.6, 3.1.6,3.1.6
Its an experience u neva wanna miss.
Next thing to do, is to give ‘em calls !!!
everyone answers, but Sunny misses all.

AA is the girl, called Arti Anand
She’s the one who’s created all the gandh.
3 calls atleast, is what she needs.
Her first word is Sorry, when she speaks.

Cold Coffee in her hand, which is bound to drip,
“chabar chabar” she does, through out the trip !
Next is Gaurav Gambhir, always standing at the gate.
He takes the front seat, listening to 104.8.
When there’s a traffic jam, he gives it a boot.
Flashes his Air Force card, & takes the Cantt. Route.

After 10 mins of wait, there’s no sign of him.
We thought he’s punctual,
Oh, afterall he’s Sunny Singh.
This Sagarpur dude, always shows off his style.
distance from his house, is almost 1 mile.
All he’s got a smile to flash,
ask him for a treat, n he’s out of cash.


We zoom through the traffic on N.H 8,
with Hawa Singh on hot seat, taking care of our fate.

Reaching daily ontime, we’d say, Oh crap.
Cab masti all the time, leads us to make this ‘rap’.

- Sidharth Raina / Arti Anand

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