Monday, January 05, 2009

Medical History - II : THE B.PHARMA LEGACY

Continuing from the previous post of Medical History - I, this new post contains all about the 4 years i spent at Lovely Institutes, in short.

Me (& my parents) being very eager to start off the new life, were showing up in classes 1 week earlier itself from the recommended date of starting by the university. No no, nothing of me being a geek or studious, it was the college who wanted students to show up early. Well, on the first day itself, met a guy who was from the same place, same school & same neighbourhood from where i completed my 11th & 12th grade. We became so good friends, that we moved together in one room in hostel, we started sharing almost everything (except my underwears & toothbrush). We were known as best friends for almost 1& half years, until i shifted out coz i got valid proofs of wat a big noob, dumb guy he was. Yes, it took me a long time, but it was worthful, i got to eat much bakery stuff & recharge coupons for my cellphone from his family shops !!!

Till the end of 3rd sem (after which i got admitted in hospital for liver & spleen enlargement), I was just another confused guy who couldnt understand why had he taken up this course....& to make matters worse, what was he studying everyday.
But finally in 4th sem, it was like I woke up & knew the best part of my grad. course. Had many unfinished jobs, & by the end of degree, had dirted off my shoulders a lot. My friend circle had started to be a quality one. Most of my then friend circle were hostel mates. At the end of degree, i had friends like Saurabh, Surbhit, Sunny, Tajinderpal, Ziaul Haq, Nidhi Katoch, Davinder Kalra (mechanical frnd), Gagandeep Singh (is a maniac, but nice at heart), Vikas (total HALKAT), Varun Duggal (at first i hated this guy the most & thought was a complete waste product of human sexual inter-course; but we both changed, specially him & now i love this guy).
There still are many names that if i start to write, this blog wud be a big bore (which it already is).

The B.pharm not only gave me good friends, but also made me aware of a career field, where i can grow. It showed me my managerial skills, my sports side, my love for technology....many things !!! I even got to know one main thing : "IF YOU ARE GOOD AT SOMETHING, DON'T DO IT FOR FREE." For academical purposes, my faculty had kept some big time parasites, noobs & "yes sir" people, who were always given the best care from staff members, & for people like me were discarded & discriminated, literally. But whenever it came to anything else except academics, like sports, co curricular activites, presentations & even to speak in front of some guests of the college, I was softly asked by the faculty to save their image, coz those parasites of theirs never had the guts & knowledge to face the public !! The same old Indian story ; while in college, I participated in Intra-college sports fest, University level Football tournament, won Gold medal in Play at University level, Intra-college Quiz Competion, was Placement & sports coordinator for B.Pharmacy Block, was always appreciated & placed the best in case of presentations.

The only factor i was lacking was studies, & this is where the faculty hitted & hurted me the most. They never & hardly appreciated for my efforts to save the name of the college, pharma block. But now passing out of college, whenever i meet the faculty, honestly, they do recognize me by face & name !! Now that i'm a passout, whatever i am now, is what i learnt from my college life. It is a legacy in its own way, & people associated with me during those days know in detail what the college life means to me.

Hope whoever has till now read this article might have gained an idea of what i wanted to convey through it. (apart from the fact i hardly stick to the point & its always a boring article)

Hope to come up with more articles with different subjects.