Friday, December 12, 2008

Medical History - I

So, after writing 3 blogs & deleting them, i, hereby, am planing to start afresh with my blogging.
The reason what made me start afresh are the two sites my friends started blogging on, and ; nice sites.

Medical history, as the title says, doesnt represent its true meaning. It means the history which contains almost all the details briefly of where & how did i come up being a medical case.

The year from where i feel it starts, is the millenium, year 2000. Its better i start from here itself as the previous years were just so simple & not so happening, except that i was being infected slowly & steadily with bashings from my father & other small issues which in future helped in shaping my nature & outlook (& no, not some scars on my face showing i fought vietnam war, but my view towards the world).

As i said in the above paragraph, my years prior to 2000 were boring, as i was a noob in school n home. Always just another kid who just saw & didnt do anything. But from the year 2000, i started becoming more active n started indulging, even if it wasnt required. I dont know if i was bit by something or what(definitely a worm!), i was feeling confident. The same confident which the TeleBrands people feel after using their own products!!! In other words, as per saurabh a.k.a bunty, it was the start of being a FUDDU. I started interacting with my school classmates ( they were & are hot/beautiful), started volunteering for co-curricular activites n stuff. But irony hit me hard wen i came to know i'll have to move to Punjab for my further studies, i.e, to complete 11th & 12th from Amritsar. Had a tough time though..... i dont even remember that period except the time spent with some of my good friends.

Then came the graduation part ; LOVELY INSTITUTES - THE GREAT B.PHARMA LEGACY. All good time - bad time during these 4 yrs.... even got admitted in hospital, saw many things all this time. But the best part was, i got fame, recognition & respect of my own, for what I am. People knew Sidharth Raina individually, rather through indirect ways.
There are many many issues and stories which I have, but will be said slowly & steadily during the many coming blogs.


Pramod said...

hi sid, very impressive, written with lots of thought, knowledge, humour. the language sometimes becomes a little formal, where a reader feels the words are nt flowing from the miond, but are selected with extra care.
i enjoyed, keep writing , i am waiting for the next phase, ur B.Pharma Phase, then the next...

akhil said...

so we're in for a Slow Ride.. gr8..